Recognizing and rewarding kindness.

The BonafideU Foundation Kindness Scholarship is a way to recognize, reward and reinforce acts of kindness.  It offers a tangible, life-changing reward for being an extraordinary good person.

The purpose of the BonafideU Kindness Scholarship is:

  1.  Encourage peer recognition of kindness.
  2.  Rewarding young people who make others feel like they matter.
  3. Sharing productive, inspiring stories about kindness that highlight people making others feel like they matter.
  4. Taking these inspiring stories of kindness and spreading them using the viral power of social media.
  5. Building up the prominence and social esteem of Bonafide young people in your community.

The BonafideU Kindness Scholarship is unique in several ways.  Instead of rewarding academic achievements, or athletic ability, the scholarship rewards kindness.  It even rewards people for recognizing kindness by splitting the scholarship between the nominator and nominee.

To nominate someone that you believe is Bonafide,

  1. Submit a short-essay (500-word maximum) explaining how the person has demonstrated extraordinary kindness, brought people together, or made someone feel like they matter.
  2. Include a picture of your and the person you are nominating.  You can also include a short video (less than 1 minute), that helps tell your story.
  3. Consider sharing your story on social media #BonafideU to inspire others to share their kindness stories.

In society, we celebrate and recognize extraordinary athletic achievers with scholarships, recognitions, letter jackets and accolades in the media.

In society, we celebrate and recognize extraordinary academic achievers with scholarships, recognitions, letter jackets and accolades in the media.

We reward the great athletes.

We reward the great students.

What do we do for the great people?

 Welcome to the BonafideU™ Scholarship Program


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The BonafideU Foundation is a not-for-profit 501.c.3 organization that depends upon the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations to support the BonafideU Kindness Scholarships and Workshops.

If you would like to donate BonafideU Foundation and support our mission to recognize and reward kindness, please click here.  We are grateful for your support.