Recognizing and rewarding kindness.

bona fide


    1. genuine, real

    2. authentic, true

What we do.

BonafideU empowers young people to recognize acts of kindness and reward those acts with meaningful scholarships, wearable statements of the brand, and social esteem through a youth driven movement. Among the most powerful, least expensive, most underrated agents of human change are unexpected acts of kindness. Even more powerful is the recognition and reinforcement of those acts. We are BonafideU.

How we do it…Kindness Scholarships

  • In society, we celebrate and reward great students with accolades, scholarship and honor rolls.
  • In society, we celebrate and reward great athletes with accolades, scholarships and letter jackets.
  • In society, what do we do for the great people? The people who make a meaningful difference in the lives of others because they make them feel like they matter.

The BonafideU Kindness Scholarship makes that possible.

Civility’s Cool, Inc.

Civility’s Cool, Inc. is the company. Our mission is to promote actions and change attitudes about civility and the role it plays in developing successful people and peaceful society…and we do it in a way that makes civility cool. A portion of pre-tax profits from apparel sales support the BonafideU Kindness Scholarship Fund.

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